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Premium Pale Ale (1lb)

Pale Ale malt is slightly darker base malt than 2-Row. Pale Ale Malt is produced from well-modified, Western-grown 2-Row barley, with a kilning regimen based closely on traditional British Pale Ale malting practices. Contributes a malty complexity to beer flavor and aroma. Excellent in American Pale Ales and American versions of British beer styles.



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Premium Pale Ale (1lb)
  • Origin USA
  • Malt Type: International Base Malt
  • Lovibond: 2.6-3.0
  • Moisture: 4%
  • Total Protein: 12.5
  • Extract CG Dry Min 80.0
  • Usage: Up to 100%

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Premium Pale Ale (1lb)

Premium Pale Ale (1lb)

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