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Maris Otter (UK) (1lb)

Maris Otter with its low nitrogen content, uniformly plump kernels, and robust husk has made it a favorite among English brewers for its reliable and forgiving brewhouse performance and its bready note that’s ideal for all English style ales, and boasts a fuller, heartier flavor than most other malts. Perfect for ESB's, pale ales, English browns and porters.



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Maris Otter (UK) (1lb)
  • Origin UK
  • Malt Type: International Base Malt
  • Lovibond: 3-4ᐤ
  • Moisture: 2.8%
  • Extract CG Dry Min 83
  • Usage: to 100%
  • Color Orange tinged golden wort

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Maris Otter (UK)   (1lb)

Maris Otter (UK) (1lb)

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