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Honey Malt (1lb)

Honey Malt is a unique malt produced by the Gambrinus Malting Corporation, a small malting company in Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada. It is made using a special process that develops distinctive flavors. The unique process puts Honey malt in the same family as German ‘brumalt’, and melanoidin malt. The result is an intense malt sweetness free from roasted or astringent flavors, with a characteristic honey-like flavor and golden color. It really doesn’t compare to any other malt. It’s unique qualities and sweet maltiness make it a perfect specialty malt in many styles.



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Honey Malt (1lb)
  • Origin Canada
  • Malt Type: Lightly Kilned / Toasted Malt
  • Lovibond: 20-25ᐤ
  • Moisture: 4%
  • Total Protein: 11.5%
  • Usage: to 20%

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Honey  Malt  (1lb)

Honey Malt (1lb)

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